Covid 19 Information

Whilst we were closed due to the uncertainty of coronavirus and to adhere to  government guidelines, I wanted to update you on the precautions we have taken to ensure you that our restaurant remains a safe space for both our guests and employees to enjoy.

We have stepped up additional precautionary measures across all our businesses, a few of them I wanted to highlight below.

  • As always, we will maintain the highest possible level of hygiene and we will be cleaning regularly and meticulously with sanitisers, now so more than ever. We have been kitted out with extra hand sanitiser so please feel free to make use of this during your time with us.
  • Our team has been fully briefed with current government requirements and are undertaking extreme levels of health and safety procedures to ensure that guests and other staff members are safe.
    • We have reduced the number of tables in our restaurants to maximise space around diners. Our tables are 1 metre apart so if you are not comfortable with this, please let us know when booking and we shall try to make it 2 metres for you.
  • To welcome as many as possible, we have time limits on tables at busy times but where possible we will allow you to remain. Booking is highly recommended to ensure you secure a table – if a queue forms, please adhere to social distancing measures. Please arrive at your confirmed arrival time – if you are late, we will have the right to release your table. It may not be possible to fulfil specific table requests at this time. The maximum table size at the time being is 6 persons from up to 3 households.
  • Our team will be standing at a further distance from our guests and minimising close contact where possible.
  • Face covering must be worn when entering and whilst moving around the restaurant and can only be removed whilst seated.
  • In line with Government guidance we may be obliged to pass your contact details should it be required to assist with track and protect.
  • Please only visit us if you are feeling well – please do not put others and our team at risk.

Thank you for all your support, and if you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me on email

We look forward to welcoming you soon!

Andy Smart

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